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Copenhagen Offshore Partners | Congratulations to our colleagues

PUBLISHED February 9, 2022

Congratulations to our colleagues

A company with the best experts within the offshore wind industry!

Congratulations to Bjarke Koch, Chris Little, Claire Lohan, Clemens Kappeler, Ernst Soons, Frank Rijnja, Fraser Stalker, Fredrik Lund, Fridrik Rafn Isleifsson, Isaac Connell, Jung Bin Park, Khanh Quoc Duong, Kristian Pallesen, Lena Marie Biester, Lise Lotte Lyck, Logan Sullivan, Ludovic Blunat, Mads Mohr Madsen, Magne Fahrenholz, Rebecca Marshall, René Sejdenfaden, Richard Copeland, Samuel Wheeler, Søren Ranneries, Tae Hyun Kim, Thorbjørn Lund-Poulsen, Verónica Rivera, and Vilius Vaisnoras!