PUBLISHED August 10, 2020

Four among COP student assistants got hired for full-time positions

At COP, we are so fortunate that many bright students want to work for us part-time during their study. Meet four of our students whom we have succeeded to hire into full time roles after finalizing their Master degrees.

Rebecca Marshall, Consenting Analyst with a Msc in Climate Change, explains how she likes to work for COP “because we collaborate on projects in interdisciplinary teams. I find the work rewarding because we are supporting the transition to renewable energy which is important for addressing climate change. My work at COP as a student gave me a good insight into the offshore wind industry.”


Ludovic Blunat, who recently started as BI Analyst, states: “For the past year, I had the unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience at COP in addition to my master studies at DTU. I am excited about keeping on supporting COP’s commitment to a green energy transition and I am really looking forward to contributing to this goal.”


Mads Mohr Madsen, who will start as a Procurement Analyst in September, explains: “Starting at COP I was thrilled about the agile and ambitious atmosphere. My greatest motivations for starting full time a COP is to continue working in this environment and learning even more from some of the very best people in the industry. In the student team there is a great team spirit, everyone is expected to deliver high quality results and in return have the chance to learn from highly skilled and inspiring people.”


Finally, Lena Biester who will start in October as Senior Finance Analyst, appreciates our fast-growing environment. “When I started at COP 2 years ago, I was the 22nd employee of the company. Since then I’ve had the pleasure to witness an immense growth to the more than 100 employees we are today. Working together with the smartest people of the industry in an innovative and agile environment has not only taught me a lot but has also been incredibly fun!”